Furry Paws Pattering Down Memory Lane

I recently got an email from a dear friend telling me they had to put down their beloved yellow lab, Buddy.  He was 12 years old, and along with his grieving owners, he leaves behind his little pal, Hunter, who’s going to be lost without him.

0701-7 Buddy & Hunter

R.I.P. Buddy.  We’ll miss your enthusiastic welcomes and your late night visits to our bed.

0701-4 Buddy

Anyone who owns an animal will likely have to face this heartbreaking scenario at some point in their pet’s life.  For me, an avid animal lover, I’ve been there, done that, far too many times.  The most recent two months ago, when we had to say goodbye to Sweetie.  It never gets easier.  My friend said it sucked and he felt bummed out.  I agree completely, it really sucks and you feel totally bummed out.

I have a framed collage on my wall leading downstairs.  In it is a photo of almost every pet I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a part of my life with.  Some shared many years, some much less, but they all hold a place in my heart and my memories.  I’ve decided to take a fun and furry walk down memory lane and every weekend I’ll shine the spotlight on one of my beloved pets.


Let me introduce them from top left, across and then down:

Pepper 1965-1976

Spooky 1979-1981

Minet 1980-1991

Titan 1981-1982

Brandy lived with us for the portion of her life between 1983 and 1988.

Oliver 1990-2002

Simon 1991-1996

Sweetie 1997-2012

Roxy 2003-for very long time still, I hope.

All the above names are links to a post about them. Please join me next weekend as I reminisce about my childhood pet, Pepper.


15 thoughts on “Furry Paws Pattering Down Memory Lane

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