Feeling frustrated, sorry for the rant

I’ve been a little distracted lately.  Actually, I’ve been a little (read: totally) ticked off lately.  It started when I bought a new computer.  My old computer had XP as an OS and I loved it.  I knew how to use it, it met my needs, I had the programs tweaked the way I liked them.  But the browser was outdated and could no longer be updated.  That caused problems, especially with this website.  So I apprehensively bought a new machine with Windows 7 and have been regretting it ever since.

The more I try to organize my settings, to figure out the new OS, install my favourite programs, the more frustrated I get.  I readily admit I don’t do well with change, when I get something the way I like it, that’s the way I want it to stay.  I’m not inflexible, if something has improved to make my life easier, I’m all for it.  That’s not the case with Windows 7.  Some of my old programs no longer work, meaning I have to put out more money to buy new ones, if I decide to continue to use them.

My biggest headache is with Windows Explorer and the whole “Library” concept.  I keep my files and folders extremely organized, some might say I’m a little anal about it.  I want to choose where my files and folders go.  That was always an option in XP.  I don’t need a computer program telling me how to organize my stuff.  And what the heck is up with the auto-arrange?  Why can it not be disabled?

I take hundreds, okay, thousands of pictures.  I painstakingly edit, label and store them in folders.  I need to be able to move my pictures around in their folders, I need to compare one photo to another, I need to arrange a hundred or more at a time, then go along and number and title them all.  I don’t just want to do this, I need to do this.  And I can’t with the Windows 7 setup.  Auto-arrange tells my photos where they will be and there’s no getting around it.  I would have to label and relabel and relabel before I could finally have them all organized the way I want them.  And this would also entail moving small groups into another folder, so I could compare them side by side, deleting the inferior ones, then figure out what number to apply to the ones I want to keep and moving them back into the original folder.  Un-frickin’-believable!!!   Where in the world did Microsoft get the idea this would be a good thing?

A quick Google search reveals that I’m not the only person very unhappy about this.  But it’s been this way for a couple of years, so despite all the complaints, Microsoft obviously has no intention of fixing it.  I’ve come across a couple of links that are supposed to provide a way to get around the auto-arrange, but they don’t seem to work well.  My solution right now is to continue using my old faithful computer with XP and Photoshop on it to edit and label my photos, then copy them onto this new computer.  Totally not what I want to do, but technology has blackmailed me into buying a product that doesn’t meet my needs, and until that changes, I have no other choice.  I won’t be holding my breath, waiting for that to change…


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