Positive Affirmation!

All new authors likely go through a similar process when our books are first published.  Will anyone buy it?  Will anyone like it?  When will someone review it so I know if anyone likes it?  No one is reviewing it, so does that mean no one has even bought it?  The self-doubts can go on and on.  And on and on and on…

I’ve been living with that “new author insecurity” for the past three weeks, since Show No Weakness has been published.  A few people have told me they can’t wait to read my book and a couple more said they read it and enjoyed it.  But I’ve yet to get an actual review, either from a pro or a reader.  So the doubts insidiously creep in.

Imagine my pleasure, my surprise, (okay, my extreme excitement) while on my publisher’s website last night, I noticed, off in the bottom left-hand corner, the title of my book.  Under the bestseller list!  At the number one position!!  Granted this isn’t their main website, it’s the website for novels classified as sweet.  I don’t know how long I’ll stay at the top.  I don’t even know how long I’ve been at the top.  I never thought to look before.

The reason for my excitement – affirmation that people have bought my book!!  Now, if only someone would review my book, I’d be a very happy lady, lol.  I don’t expect everyone to like it (although I hope the ones who don’t are kind about it).  I write in a genre that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  And even within the genre, there will be some who are disappointed that my sensual love scenes aren’t more erotic.  And on the other side of that dial, there’ll be others who’d rather I left out the hanky-panky all together.

Can’t please everyone.  So I write what I’m comfortable with, what I enjoy.  And hopefully one day soon I’ll get a review or two telling me someone else also enjoyed it.


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