Our last day didn’t disappoint…

We ended up doing my most anticipated road trip, The Cape Shore drive, on our last day in Newfoundland.  As usual, the day started out dreary, foggy and chill.  We stopped first at the Castle Hill National Historic Site, the remains of an old French fort.  Maybe it was the weather, maybe my mind doesn’t visualize well, but I actually enjoyed the information boards more than I did the ruins.

478 Castle Hill, NL

479 Castle Hill, NL

We took a short trail (one of many) to the Gaillardin Redoubt.

490 Gaillardin Dedoubt, Castle Hill, NL

The walk through moss-drenched forest was a delight.  The view of the town of Placentia from the redoubt would’ve been superb if not for the fog.

488 Castle Hill, NL

One word to describe Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve?  Wow!!

529 Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, NL

I’ve seen bird rookeries before, but never so close that we felt as if we were sitting right amongst the birds.

561 Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, NL

566 Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, NL

There may be more dramatic sea stacks, but that bird-saturated 200-foot-high stack (aptly called Bird Rock) didn’t fail to impress.


Adequate words elude me to describe the thousands of birds, mostly gannets, soaring above our heads and zipping all around us, hovering, landing, nesting and playing.  My camera couldn’t do justice either.

587 Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, NL

The weather was remarkably clear, the wind mercifully light, and we could’ve stayed for hours, soaking in the incredible sights.

577 Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, NL

559 Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, NL

569 Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, NL

And mustn’t forget my little bonus – the final lighthouse of our trip.  That makes a total of five!!

522 Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, NL

Back in St. John’s, we took Hubby to experience genuine Newfie food at the Sundance Bar & Grill on infamous George Street.  Fried cod tongues (seriously)…

640 Fried cod tongues, Sundance Bar & Grill

And Scrunchions.  (Pork fat fried to a crisp)

646 Scrunchions, Sundance Bar & Grill

Yum!!  Not!!  The males at the table partook, the females wisely declined.

Back at the house, our son broke out his birthday bottle of Disaronno and we shared drinks chilled with bergie-cubes.  What a novel experience toasting with ice from a thousands-year-old iceberg.

653 Disaronno & bergie-cubes

A perfect ending to our final evening in Newfoundland.  We didn’t accomplish everything we intended, but maybe that’s a good thing.  Leave while still wanting more.

If you’d like to read about our entire Newfoundland trip, click HERE to start the adventure.


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