If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes…well, maybe a half an hour.

Woke up to rain.  Rain is a common occurrence in St. John’s, but we’re talking blowing sideways, instantly-soaked-if-you-venture-out type of rain.  Even sightseeing from the car was out.

Thank the fates, the weather settled down enough to keep our lunch plans with the kids at The Rooms, the massive “salt-box” shaped cultural complex, perched above the city next to the venerable Catholic Basilica.

379 The Rooms

Only after I’d entered the centre, did I see its beauty.  Open and spacious, it houses four levels of galleries, museums, and thousands of displays.  We wished we’d known about this earlier, we could’ve idled-away the rainy hours there.  The café purportedly has remarkable views of St. John’s and the harbour.  That day we had a great view of thick fog.  So we enjoyed the happy company of our kids instead.

The day continued to clear, so we headed to Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America.  For some reason the sign at the actual spot was missing, so we had to make do.

381 Cape Spear

It also boasts a LIGHTHOUSE!!  (Number four so far)

384 Cape Spear

It wasn’t prime sightseeing weather, but we went and saw what we could see, including derelict WWII batteries.

391 Cape Spear

The waves put on an incredible show, despite the wind being mild.

401 Cape Spear

Hubby “accidentally” got lost on the way to Quidi Vidi Village (pronounced Kiddy Viddy), and we ended up on Signal Hill again.  (I think he had an ulterior motive)

419 Cabot Tower, Signal Hill

No wind this time, just lots of wispy fog.  Hubby snapped some interesting pictures, so typical of St. John’s foggy environs.

425 St. John's harbour

Queen’s Battery Barracks

429 Queen's Battery Barracks, Signal Hill

Fort Amherst looked appropriately spooky for a ruin.

422 Ft Amherst from Signal Hill

Last year when I hiked the Bawdens Highland area overlooking Quidi Vidi harbour, I fell in love with the picturesque spot, so had to take Hubby there to show him the little treasure.

Quidi Vidi Village and Lake are equally enchanting, but unfortunately I don’t have any good photos to share.

434 Quidi Vidi Harbour

439 Quidi Vidi Harbour

I was so touched to come across the memorial to one of Canada’s most inspirational heroes, Terry Fox.  At this spot, in April 1980, he dipped his toe into the icy Atlantic Ocean and started that fateful journey to raise money for Cancer Research, which continues in his memory to this day.

452 Terry Fox Memorial

I took random shots along historic Water Street (one of the oldest streets in North America), trying to capture the beauty of the old buildings, difficult to do through the windshield of a moving car.

462 Water Street, St John's

461 Water Street, St John's

We actually ended up with tantalizing peeks of sunshine and blue sky, after all that rain and fog.

459 Water Street, St John's

Tomorrow we’ll reach the final day of my journey.  Join me, please, as I describe the incredible Cape Shore Drive. Jump to that post HERE or start from the trip’s beginning HERE.


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