Lighthouse, Iceberg and Fog… Oh my!!

My premiere destination on our journey along Newfoundland’s Irish Loop was the lighthouse at Ferryland.  (Surprise, surprise)  Imagine the squeals and crazy jumping up and down when we stopped to take a picture of the Ferryland sign and I gazed over at the bay to spy right there, front and centre, an ICEBERG!!!  A massive behemoth compared to the one we saw at Middle Cove.  Not as pretty, but totally impressive.

Like magic, the haze lightened enough for us to snap some photos.

303 Iceberg @ Ferryland, NL

304 Iceberg @ Ferryland, NL

We circled the bay, stopping at every viewpoint, gazing with wonder, relishing the enjoyment and sheer luck of witnessing yet another of these beauties of nature.

319 Bergie-bits @ Ferryland, NL

334 Iceberg @ Ferryland, NL

Another novel experience: searching the shoreline for “bergie-bits”.  We couldn’t resist hauling home a few good chunks of thousands-year-old ice for our son.  With fog sneaking back in, we began our search for the lighthouse.  A lovely fifteen-minute hike through a gentle mist brought us to our destination.

325 Lighthouse, Ferryland, NL

327 Lighthouse, Ferryland, NL

Unfortunately the killjoy fog limited what would’ve been incredible views and we had to forego investigating the many hiking trails.

329 Lighthouse, Ferryland, NL

As we drove further south and away from the coastline, both the climate and topography changed dramatically.  The weather grew temperate, with clear skies and little wind.  The scenery alternated between modest farming communities and barren, rocky land where little more than scrub grew.

349 Briscay Bay, Irish Loop

355 St. Shotts, Irish Loop

I kept a lookout for the caribou herds that thrive in that area, but no such luck.  As we passed St. Vincent’s and headed north along St. Mary’s Bay, the landscape gentled, became lush and pretty.

356 St. Vincent's, Irish Loop

At the town of St. Mary’s, we happened across an enchanting little village someone had built along a stream.  So cute!!

363 Little village @ St. Mary's, NL

A 1929 era bridge, spanning the Salmonier River, apparently a great fly-fishing site.

366 Old bridge on Samonier River, Irish Loop

We got back to foggy St. John’s in time for dinner, pleased with our day’s adventure, even if the weather tried to put a damper on our fun. Jump to my next Newfoundland post HERE or start from the trip’s beginning HERE.


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