Row houses, churches and hills abound…Downtown St. John’s

St. John’s weather was cool for our downtown tour, but no wind, rain or fog, and we gave thanks for small blessings.  We didn’t take pictures of some stuff I’d photographed on my previous visit, but I wanted to share what we saw anyway, so forgive me for including a few photos from last year.

The War Memorial, situated off Water Street. (background Duckworth Street)

273 War Memorial

There’s a nice little courtyard right on the waterfront with excellent views of the harbour, The Battery and Signal Hill.

282 The Battery & Signal Hill from St John's Harbour

These Provincial dogs, the Labrador and Newfoundlander, located in that courtyard (off Water Street), are a definite Photo-Op.

274 St John's Harbour

The Supreme Court Building, straddling both Water and Duckworth Streets, is called Romanesque Revival.  I call it incredible.  My daughter-in-law, the brilliant lawyer, has the privilege and honor of working there.

1 Supreme Court of Canada

Downtown St. John’s is renowned for its colorful row houses and Victorian classics.  Gower and Duckworth Streets probably have the best selection of restored examples, but any street we turned onto had something to delight the eye.

23 Downtown St John's

Gower Street:

283 Gower Street, St John's

793 Gower Street

Many buildings on Duckworth Street have been converted to businesses.

19 Duckworth Street

St John’s also has a large number of old churches that are true architectural wonders.  My personal favorites were St. John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral, which has an entire wall of pipes dedicated to its incredible pipe organ.

795 St John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral

And the Catholic Basilica of John the Baptist.  This amazing structure sits high above the city on Military Road and is a landmark seen from afar.

781 Basilica of St John the Baptist

Further down Military Road, is Government House, home of the Lieutenant Governor of NL.  The red sandstone used to build Gov’t House was quarried right at Signal Hill and is quite stunning.  Not many bushes on the lush grounds were blooming, but I know from my previous visit, they’re exquisite.

286 Government House

There’s so many more sights to see in downtown St. John’s and I’ll post proof of that another day.  Tomorrow it’s all about the Irish Loop.  Check it out HERE or start from the trip’s beginning HERE.


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