A Breezy Birthday

Brunch downtown St. John’s at Cora’s to celebrate brown-eyed boy’s birthday.  Excellent food, lots of fresh fruit, very yummy.

239 Cora's, for birthday brunch

My banana crepe was so massive, we passed it around the table for everyone to taste, and still brought home leftovers.


It’s an exhilarating and scenic hike to the top of Signal Hill, but the wind once again had the strength of a small hurricane, which gave me visions of being blown into St. John’s harbour, so we opted to drive.  Thanks to the brisk wind, we had a reasonably clear view of the harbour and Fort Amherst on the other side of the narrows.

246 St John's Harbour from Signal Hill

242 Ft Amherst from Signal Hill

Even got a hazy peek at Cape Spear off in the distance.  Because of less than optimal weather, we only did a whirlwind (punny) tour of Signal Hill and the historic Cabot Tower, the city’s most famous landmark.

249 Cabot Tower, Signal Hill

With numerous hiking trails on Signal Hill and breathtaking vistas around each bend, I felt sorry Hubby didn’t get the chance to enjoy that experience.

A drive around the harbour brought us to Fort Amherst, guaranteed to be windy even on a calm day, so you can imagine the conditions that day.  Like Signal Hill and Cabot Tower, it’s a National Historic Site, although the actual fort has long disappeared and only gun emplacement ruins remain.  There’s also a Lighthouse!!

256 Lighthouse @ Fort Amherst

Please come back tomorrow to see my photos of downtown St. John’s.  For those of you who prefer looking at pretty pictures over reading text, I promise I won’t disappoint. Jump to that post HERE or start from the trip’s beginning HERE.


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