It was the best of days, it was the worst of days…

Day two of our Maritime trip didn’t start out very well. A nasty stomach bug hit Hubby during the night and I woke up to find him green and suffering.  Once I got over my momentary panic – it was a big day and only he was insured to drive the rental car – I felt so sorry for the big guy.  He deserves kudos for being a valiant trooper, somehow he managed to drive to the Lord Nelson Hotel where the kids were staying.  We settled him on the couch in their room and left the poor guy to sleep it off.

The drizzly day didn’t stop me from enjoying a tour of Dalhousie University, where my son had spent the last four years of his life.

112 Dalhousie, Halifax

114 Dalhousie, Halifax

Back at the hotel, I found Hubby hanging in there, but still in tough shape.  I felt badly he’d miss our son’s convocation, but I guiltily convinced him to leave the questionable comfort of the couch to drive our daughter-in-law and me back to the university.  It wasn’t far, but with the blustery weather and us in high heels, we couldn’t walk.  Thankfully, he’s a brave and thoughtful man.

I have three sons, each successful and accomplished in their own diverse ways, and I’m proud of them all.  That day was my middle son’s turn.  My heart sung and my eyes welled up as I watched him cross that stage to get his engineering degree.  All the hard work, struggles, loneliness (he lived the final year in the dorm while his wife did her articling in St John’s) had paid off.  And if I can be excused for bragging, I just heard today he’s landed an excellent job with a major engineering firm.

12 Dalhousie, Halifax

After the ceremony, Hubby, looking pale but perkier, picked us up and we had precious few moments to explore Halifax’s beautiful waterfront, before downing a quick and tasty meal at Salty’s.

159 Halifax Waterfront

172 Halifax

After dinner, we left the kids to enjoy their final night in Halifax and headed off through a dense fog to the airport and a short flight to St John’s, NL.

And that’s where I’ll pick up my tale tomorrow. Jump to that post HERE or start with the trip’s first post HERE.


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