Holy Titanic, is that an iceberg??

Two entire days of our Newfoundland vacation wasted.  Kapootie, gone.  One day for Hubby to recoup from the stomach flu, and the next day for me to suffer with that same darn flu.  Stupid equal opportunity bug.  Although brutal, it thankfully didn’t hang around long, and by Saturday morning, Hubby had developed a serious case of cabin fever.

Daughter-in-law had a stack of files to do lawyer stuff with, so she stayed home while our son played tour guide.  It was a lovely day, bright and clear, if you didn’t mind the gale force wind slamming you in the teeth with the strength of a 2X4.

We drove through picturesque downtown St John’s, but ironically didn’t stop for pictures (note above comment about wind).  Then we headed to the also-picturesque beach at Middle Cove, not having the slightest suspicion what lie wait there.

Holy Iceberg!!!!  Right there in the bay!!  Right…There!!!

223 Middle Cove

The picture doesn’t do it justice.  Believe me, it was RIGHT THERE, and to say I got excited would be a remarkable understatement.  Last summer I experienced the famous capelin roll at that same beach – which was a very cool event.  An iceberg is so much cooler.  Literally.  We’ve been to Alaska and have witnessed the magnificence of Margerie and Johns Hopkins Glaciers (something everyone should experience in their lifetime, IMHO) so you’d think a mere iceberg would be passé, but I gotta say, it had a majesty of its own that I found thrilling.

We couldn’t stay long because of the frigid wind, so we carried on up the highway towards Outer Cove and stopped at a couple of viewpoints along the way.  Spectacular!!

217 Outer Cove

I remembered the stunningly beautiful sunset from one of those viewpoints last summer.  The current scene was equally breathtaking (even without factoring in the wind sucking the air from our lungs).

231 View of Middle cove

We continued our tour through Torbay, Flat Rock (see pic below), and on to Pouch Cove (pronounced Pooch Cove) before turning back.  We found the countryside quaint, charming, rustic, idyllic…  Cliché words, perhaps, but they just happen to apply.

233 Flat Rock, NF

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    • Thanks, Ajay. Seeing it was a thrill for sure. Photography is one of my passions and I’ve been fortunate over the years to document many beautiful sights of nature. Check back again to see more photos from my trip.


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