An Old Friend and Precious Children

Our hotel in Halifax, The Commons Inn, wasn’t exactly Five Star accommodations, but it managed by being quaint, clean and in a convenient location.  We barely dropped off the luggage (third floor, no elevator, six bags and two sets of golf clubs), before we were off again.

79 Commons Inn, Halifax, NS

I have to take a sidebar here to explain the relevance of our next stop.  About ten years ago, I joined an online writing community and it was about the best thing I could’ve done for myself, both as a writer and a person.  I no longer belong to that community, but I made good friends who continue to play an important and lasting role in my life.  One of these dear people, Darlene, lives in Nova Scotia.  After a long and bumpy path, both Darlene and I are now published authors, and Darlene also runs a small publishing business.  I was about to meet her and her family for the first time, and my anticipation ran high.

Funny thing happened when they welcomed us into their home, we immediately felt a strong and comfortable connection, as though we’d been close for years – which we had, just not in a conventional way.  Throughout the delicious meal they’d prepared in our honor, we chatted and chatted.  After dinner, we chatted and chatted.  LOL, you get the idea.  We could’ve sat around all evening, soaking up that long-awaited visit, but time continued to work against us and soon we needed to leave.

As much as I bemoaned the shortness of my visit with Darlene, I actually couldn’t wait to get to my next destination – the Halifax airport, where our son and daughter-in-law were arriving from St John’s.  I hadn’t seen them for almost a year and it was even longer for my hubby.  Hugs, kisses, more hugs and kisses.

We spent the remainder of the evening at the Fireside Restaurant, where Hubby and I had drinks while the kids ate a late dinner.  Nice ambience, tasty drinks, but the real draw was getting to feast my eyes on my brown-eyed boy and his beautiful brown-eyed wife.

102 Fireside Restaurant, Halifax NS

Eleven o’clock found us back at our hotel, more than sixteen hours after our day began.  Approximately eight hours of total driving behind us, many miles covered, many exquisite sights seen, an old friend met for the first time and the precious hugs from loved ones savored.  I slept well.

Join me tomorrow for Mommy’s proud moments and the plague from hell. Jump to that post HERE or go to the trip’s first post HERE.


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