Editing in my dreams

During my week off from revisions, I thought I’d relax with a good book.  Boy was I wrong.  Several years ago, I attended a workshop by author, Bobby Hutchinson.  Right off the top she announced once we’d finished the class we’d never be able to fully enjoy reading a book again.  At the time, I thought “What??”, but her words were never more clear than this past week.  I’d been so deep into revision mode, my mind didn’t know how to shut the editor off.  I was so busy trying to reconstruct the sentences containing words I’m supposed to watch out for, that it pulled me right out of the story.  Over and over again.  And this was a good story by one of my auto-buy authors.  Even in my sleep, I dream about fixing sentences, my own or fictitious ones, I’m not sure.  OCD behavior or what’s considered ‘normal’ if you’re a writer?


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