Voices in my head

I’m not doing all that well with this self-promotion thing.  I’ve always been much better at the self-deprecation thing.  And I really question what to write on this blog and my Facebook page.  I mean, this is a public forum and what do I have to say that could possibly interest anyone else?  And then I laugh because basically, at this point, it doesn’t matter what I write because I’m the only one reading it (for the most part).  So I limp along, trying to learn how to “just enjoy the ride” without making myself crazy because I have so few Twitter followers or how I choke every time I’m supposed to “blow my own horn” or wondering if I’m only talking to myself.  After all, if I didn’t have myself, and all those voices in my head, to talk to, I’d never have started to write in the first place.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Voices in my head

  1. Go to a friend’sTwitter site and poach some followers.
    You never know who’s watching. Sometimes that’s more disconcerting than not having anything to “say”, but you’ll get over it.


      • I took a social media class recently where the biggest challenge mentioned among my classmates was going public. I touched on it a bit in my podcast blogpost (http://torymisskimmy.blogspot.ca/) and even after having done a bit more posting still worry about being too public (even if not many people are reading). I am feeling inspired seeing you coming close to the end of the book publishing process though…maybe I should get back to blog posting after all 🙂


      • I read your blogpost, Kimberley, and had a little chuckle because we seemed to be going through a very similiar experience. Some people easily embrace the entire social media arena and I envy them. If I can overcome my stumbling and insecurities anyone can, and I hope you get back to blog posting, if you enjoy it. And thanks for your support.


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